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Common Question We Can Answer Right Here!

1. Do I have to live in Huntington Hills to join the Pioneers?

No! Our members come from all over the city!  Many of our members live in close proximity to the Pioneers location, but we welcome everyone, no matter your location!

2. Do I have to be a Community Association Member to join?

We are a separate entity from the Huntington Hills Community Association.  You do not have to have a membership with them to be part of the Pioneers.

3. Do you have a membership fee?

The Pioneers has a small once a year fee towards membership, it is usually about $30.00 for the year.  Membership renewal usually occurs in February.

4. Where does the rest of the funding for the Pioneers coming from?

Huntington Pioneers Association is an Alberta registered non-profit Society, enacted in 1979.  The majority of our funding comes from working AGLC Casino events which gives us our funding to run all our programs and activities.  Some of our classes and activities have a small fee to help offset costs.

5. Do I have to be 65 years old to participate?

Our age requirement is for anyone aged 50 plus!  So whether your still working, partly retired or in full retirement mode we welcome you to join in our activities. 

6. Is HPA handicapped accessible?

Yes!  We are located in the lower level of the Huntington Hills Community Association. There is an elevator on the main level to bring you down to our floor.  We have a handicapped washrooms steps from our space

If you have other questions please just get in touch with us!

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